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How to get there

Airplane directly to Pucón

Pucon airport is located 1 km away from 'Nidos de Pucon' receiving charter flights throughout the year, and commercial flights during summer and peak touristic season.

Flight time is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from Santiago (SCL).

During the summer, Sky Airlines (www.skyairline.cl) and LAN (www.lan.com) have flights to Pucon airport.

Vía Temuco

At Temuco airport, located approximately 125 kilometers from Pucon, there are several services such as car rental, transfer services and taxis which can get you to Pucón.

Approximate flight time is of 1 hour from Santiago (SCL)

There are daily flights from Santiago to Temuco on Sky Airlines (www.skyairline.cl) and LAN (www.lan.com).


781 kilometers south from Santiago. 701 kilometers of dual lane highway until Freire, via 'Ruta 5 sur', and then 80 kilometers of tarmac single lane road (two-way transit) until Pucón.

Approximate travel time: 8 hours from Santiago.

There is assistance and services throughout the highway until Friere. $1800 and $2000 Chilean pesos ($3.50 and $4.00 USD).


Pucón is located 781 kilometers south of Santiago.

Approximate travel time: 12 hours from Santiago.

There are daily buses from Santiago to Pucon on Tur Bus (www.turbus.com), Buses JAC (www.jac.cl) and Condor Bus (www.condorbus.cl).