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Horseback riding

We have several horses here in Nidos de Pucon, of which our guests can take guided tours on through beautiful trails brimming with nature. One can ascend where there are fantastic views of Pucon and the Villarrica Lake.
Riding these noble animals is a great activity for people of all ages without any experience required.

Recommendation: Use of hat, sunglasses, sun block, water, comfortable clothes with long trousers.


Nidos de Pucon offers the possibility to go trekking through our forests of Fundo Lomas de Pucon, which stretches over 1000 acres of land, the majority of which is unexplored. One can ascend trekking for over 20kms. In these treks, one is likely to run into rabbits, lamas, reindeer, foxes and other animals which reside within our forests.


Nidos de Pucon also offers the opportunity to go bird-watching, including species that don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. One has the opportunity of seeing: Southern Lapwings, Buff-necked Ibis, Chilean Eagles, Harris's Hawks, Woodpeckers, Kestrels, Austral Pygmy Owls, Grey-hooded Sierra Finch, Diucas, Austral Parakeet, Slender-billed Parakeet, House Wrens, Green-backed Firecrown, Chilean Swallow, Blue-and-white Swallow, Condors and many more.

Hiking the Villarrica Volcano

The panoramic views at the summit are unbelievable. It is the wind, silence, and vastness that give a revitalizing sensation and energy which gives an adrenaline rush to those who have managed to make the peak.

Climbing the 2.847 m of the Villarrica Volcano is more of a life lesson that an adventure. In a couple of hours, bonds of trust are generated in the team, support, discipline and determination are key to achieve the goal. One makes it to the crater of one of the most active volcanoes in Latin America. For this reason the Volcano hike must be booked through a tourism agency, of which we can do for you from our front desk. It is possible to do the hike with ski/snowboarding gear to then go back down skiing; however, hiking with this extra weight makes it tougher. The hiking season starts in mid-October and ends in April, always depending on the climate. This is the most popular activity amongst foreign tourists. Experience is not required as more than technique; a good physical condition is required. The hike lasts approximately 7 hours, but it is possible to save energy and time (at least 2 hours) by taking the chairlift that is operational throughout the year. This activity tends to include the hiking gear, insurance, entrance fee to the National Park, a guide and an assistant for groups of 6 people. The physical intensity is medium-high, but the ascent is done to the pace of the slowest person. The biggest recommendation is to follow the guide’s instructions. If the guide indicates that the group has to return due to weather conditions at the peak, even if there is only 200 meters left, it is best to listen to the guides instructions and return. Recommendations: Water is a must (1.5 lts), a snack which includes chocolate/biscuits, sun-block SPF 30, sun-glasses, a parka, a pair of spare thick socks. All the technical gear is provided by the tourism agency. It is important to try out the boots a day earlier and to ask what clothes would be the most appropriate to wear depending on the weather conditions. Nidos de Pucon does not offer this as an activity, but can make reservations for you at the front desk.


One of the best stress relief and entertaining activities is to be launched down the Trancura River in a raft. (Trancura bajo 3º y Trancura alto 4º).

The descent through the rapids lasts around 1 and a half hours and is apt for all public. There is a training stage prior to this activity, where manoeuvres are taught and the instructions used to communicate during the rafting are also taught. This activity includes wetsuit, helmet and life-jacket. The transport service and insurance are also included. A less extreme alternative is renting boards to go hydro-speeding through calmer streams, which includes upper-body protective gear. There is direct contact with the water and a decent physical condition is required. The journey is longer and at a slower pace. Recommendations: Swimsuit, and warm clothes. The water is cold, but in the moment it is not noticeable. Nidos de Pucon does not offer this as an activity, but can make reservations for you at the front desk.

Hot springs

From the depths of earth, thermal deposits rich in minerals such as lithium, sulphur, potassium and others which are beneficial for physical and mental health.

There are 11 Hot Spring establishments to choose from. There are various alternatives in Pucon which are not very far from one another. Each has their own special characteristics in terms of infrastructure and service. It is possible to find rustic installations to spa like installations with international gastronomy and outdoor activities, which is ideal for people seeking different sensations. These warm thermal waters have beneficial properties that aid re-establish metabolic functions, the nervous system, help with traumas, and skin disorders. Without a doubt, these medicinal waters are a warm invitation to relax, relieve work related stress, repose, and focus the mind on one thing….. Well-being for the body and soul. Nidos de Pucon does not offer this as an activity, but can make reservations for you at the front desk.